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East Preston Infant School

East Preston Infant School


 Pupils are expected to wear the school uniform.


  • Trainers are not acceptable for everyday footwear
  • Hair accessories should be navy blue and are to be kept to a minimum
  • Children should not have dyed hair or patterns shaved into it


  • Navy tunic or skirt or
  • Navy trousers or shorts (smart, tailored)
  • Pale blue polo-shirt or
  • Pale blue blouse with reveres          
  • Navy V-neck sweatshirt, pullover or cardigan (without hood) 
  • Light blue and white check summer dress
  • Sensible black or navy low heeled shoes
  • Sensible black, navy or white low heeled sandals  (no clogs, ‘jellies’ or ‘crocs’ please for safety reasons)
  • White or navy socks or navy tights (socks/tights are to be worn all year round) 


  • Navy long trousers (no black or grey)
  • Navy, grey or black short trousers
  • Pale blue shirt or
  • Pale blue polo-shirt           
  • Navy V-neck sweatshirt or pullover (without hood)
  • Sensible black or navy shoes or sandals (no clogs, ‘jellies’ or ‘crocs’ please for safety reasons )
  • Navy socks (socks are to be worn all year round)


  • White crew neck T-shirt (no motifs) 
  • Loose fitting navy shorts (no leggings or football shorts or skorts)
  • Black plimsolls (preferably gusset or velcro) or
  • Trainers (must be velcro)
  • Optional – Navy tracksuit for outdoor PE

Other Necessary Items

  • Book bag
  • P.E. Bag (named)

We would like to remind parents that the latest fashion trend for boys of having very short sides with longer hair on top, ie a significant difference in length, where the hair is not blended in or graduated, is not a permitted hairstyle for school.  There is a very fine line between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable and we ask parents to be mindful of this when having their children's hair cut.  Please keep fashion trends/styles for holidays only and ensure that your child's hairstyle conforms to the school policy, as having to confront parents often causes distress.

Purchasing Uniform Items

Items are available from any local department store.
The following items are available to purchase online from our uniform supplier School Trends:

Navy V-neck sweatshirt with school logo (present cost - £10.50)
Navy cardigan with school logo (present cost - £11.50)
White PE T-shirt with school logo (present cost - £6.00)
Navy PE shorts (present cost - £6.00)

However, book bags with school logo (present cost - £3.50), sew on embroidered school logo badges (present cost £2.50) and order forms for name labels are available from the school office. Payment can be made by cash or cheque payable to East Preston Infant School.

FEPIS (Friends of East Preston Infant School) operate a recycled uniform shop and hold regular sales. They are also happy to source individual items and requests for these can be left at the school office.