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East Preston Infant School

East Preston Infant School


Mrs New - Headteacher

Mrs New is our Headteacher. She plays the piano in assembly.  She is very proud of all the children and staff in our school.

Likes – Jive dancing, rainbows, sunshine and sparkly things (diamonds, wine and glitter…)!

Dislikes – Slugs and other slimy creatures! Any form of mess and people who are unkind or rude!

Miss Moulson - Deputy Headteacher

Miss Moulson is our Deputy Head, DSL and attendance lead.

Likes – Reading, gardening, elephants and spending time travelling with her family

Dislikes – Mushrooms, lateness and rudeness

Mrs Greenway - SENDCO

Mrs Greenway is our SENDCO.

Likes - Sports, spending time with her family, flamingos

Dislikes - Snakes and spiders

Miss Bouch - Reception Class Teacher currently on maternity leave

Miss Bouch is one of our Year R Class Teachers.  She joined us in September 2022.

Likes - Arthur Christmas, reading, making homemade pizzas, listening to indie music and the artist Yayoi Kusama

Dislikes - Gherkins, laziness and sharks

Mrs Rickard - Reception Class Teacher  

Mrs Rickard is one of our Reception Class Teachers. She is our Music Co-ordinator and part of the Maths team. She is keen to use her teaching experience to contribute to the ongoing development of the school. 

Likes - Running, skiing, music, making cards and being with family and friends.

Dislikes - Marzipan, bad manners and heights.

Mr Jones - Reception Class Teacher & Year Leader

Mr Jones is one of our Reception Class Teachers and is part of the Senior Leadership Team. 

Likes - Bow ties, wine and running

Dislikes - Mess and soggy roast potatoes

Mr Lake - Year 2 Class Teacher 

Mr Lake is one of our Year 2 Teachers. He is our PE Co-ordinator and is part of the Literacy team. He is friendly and helpful.

Likes – Reading, playing the guitar or drums, football and Formula one.

Dislikes – Heights, bad manners, cold and rainy days.

Mrs Smith - Year 2 Class Teacher  

Mrs Smith is a Class Teacher in Year 2.  

Likes - Chocolate, reading and swimming

Dislikes - Rude people, mess, tea and coffee

Mrs Bean - Year 1 Class Teacher & Year Leader

Mrs Bean is a Class Teacher in Year 1. She is our Geography Co-ordinator and she is  part of the Literacy team. 

Likes - Reading, frosty mornings and Frozen.

Dislikes -  Mess and rudeness.

Mrs Vinicombe - Year 2 Class Teacher & Year Leader

Mrs Vinicombe is a Class Teacher in Year 2.

Likes - Anything Disney, pink and sparkly, nice food and holidays

Dislikes - Heights, bad manners, being late and disorganised

Mrs Lilley - Year 2 Class Teacher & Year Leader

Mrs Lilley is a Class Teacher in Year 2 and also part of our Senior Leadership Team.  She iImage result for nature pictures our PSHE Co-ordinator, Outdoor Learning Leader and is part of our Science team.

Likes -  Cats, nature and being by the sea

Dislikes -  Spiders, fish and bad manners

Mrs Lovell - Year R/1 Class Teacher

Mrs Lovell is a Class Teacher for Year R/1.  She has been teaching all year groups in primary education for 23 years but particularly enjoys reception and KS1.

Likes - Reading, theatre and spending time with friends and family

Dislikes - Slugs, mushrooms and rudeness

Miss Jee - Year 1 Class Teacher currently on maternity leave

Miss Jee is a Class Teacher in Year 1.

Likes - Walking her dog on the beach, cooking and reading

Dislikes - Anchovies, the dark and rude people

Mrs Tobin - Year 1 Class Teacher 

Mrs Tobin is a Class Teacher in Year 1. She is our DT Co-ordinator and part of the Maths team. 

Likes – Dogs, wearing odd socks and chocolate.

Dislikes – Snakes, milk and scary films.