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East Preston Infant School

East Preston Infant School


Mrs New - Headteacher

Mrs New is our Headteacher. She plays the piano in assembly and she has lots of lovely stickers in her desk, which she gives us when she is pleased with us. She is very proud of all the children and staff in our school.

Likes – Jive dancing, rainbows, sunshine and sparkly things (diamonds, wine and glitter…)!

Dislikes – Slugs and other slimy creatures! Any form of mess and people who are unkind or rude!

Mrs New's Icon

Mrs Owens - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Owens is our Deputy Head, Inclusion Co-ordinator and Leader of Teaching and Learning. She is our RE Co-ordinator and is also part of the Literacy team. She has been a teacher in West Sussex for 18 years and she has worked in an International School in Antigua. She has worked at East Preston Infant School for 6 years. She enjoys working with children in 'The Hive'. She is very friendly and is always happy. 

Likes – Butterflies, owls and sewing.

Dislikes – Being tickled, snakes and brussel sprouts.

Miss Dalziel - Reception Class Teacher

Miss Dalziel is a Class Teacher in Reception. She is our DT Co-ordinator and is part of our Literacy Team.  She has a love of reading and is excited to share lots of stories with her class. She is always looking for new ways to make learning fun. She is kind and always smiling.

Likes - Dr Seuss stories and orangutans.

Dislikes - Rudeness and wobbly teeth.

Mrs Ellis - Reception Class Teacher

Mrs Ellis is a Class Teacher in one of our Reception classes.  She is our Science Co-ordinator,  Outdoor leader and part of the Literacy team. She believes that Science should be fun and exciting. She is friendly and kind.

Likes - Butterflies, dancing, sewing, card making (being creative!)

Dislikes - wasps, ice-cream and untidiness

Mrs Payne - Reception Class Teacher & Year Leader

Mrs Payne is one of our Reception Class Teachers and is part of the Senior Leadership Team. She is our Art and  Rights Respecting Schools Co-ordinator. She is also part of the Maths team.  She is friendly and helpful.

Likes - Dogs, walking her Golden Retriever Henry, swimming and living by the sea.

Dislikes - Spiders and rainy days.

Mr Lake - Year 1 Class Teacher

Image result for formula 1Mr Lake is one of our Year 1 Teachers. He is our History Co-ordinator and is part of the Maths team. He is friendly and helpful.

Likes – Reading, playing the guitar or drums, football and Formula one.

Dislikes – Heights, bad manners, cold and rainy days.


Mrs Goodens - Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs Goodens is one of our Year 1 Class Teachers.  She joined us in September 2018.

Likes - Drawing, reading and programming.

Dislikes -  Flying, heights and bad manners.

Mrs Rickard - Year 1 Class Teacher and Year Leader

Mrs Rickard  is one of our Year R and Year 1 Class Teachers. She is Music, PSHCE Co-ordinator and part of the Maths team. She is keen to use her teaching experience to contribute to the on-going development of the school. 

Likes - Running, skiing, music, making cards and being with family and friends.

Dislikes - Marzipan, bad manners and heights.

Mrs Vinicombe - Year 2 Class Teacher and Year Leader

Mrs Vinicombe is a Class Teacher in Year 2 . She is our PE Co-ordinator and is part of the Literacy team. She really enjoys dancing and used to compete when she was younger. She loves to laugh and make people happy. 

Likes - Disney, the winter months, chocolate and her dog Lola!

Dislikes - Heights and unkindness 

Mrs Lilley - Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs Lilley is a Class Teacher in Year 2 and also part of our Senior Leadership Team.  She is our ICT Co-ordinator and is part of our Literacy team.

Likes -  Cats, nature and being by the seaImage result for nature picture

Dislikes -  Spiders, fish and bad manners

Mrs Morrow - Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs Morrow  is a Class Teacher in Year 2. She is our Geography co-ordinator and is also part of the Maths and Music team. She really enjoys singing and acting and likes to get her class to do lots of this too. She is friendly and kind.

Likes – Going to the theatre, walking on the downs and swimming in the sea.

Dislikes – Loud bangs from fireworks or balloons.