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East Preston Infant School

East Preston Infant School



Children experience reading daily as whole class, within phonic sessions and choosing to look at books independently.  Initially, we teach reading on a one to one basis with children this allows us to respond to the stage and needs of each child. We build up to guided reading in the Summer term ready for Year One.  Children are taught how to apply a range of strategies when reading, these include;  using pictures to predict words, using phonic knowledge to decode, blend sounds, identify tricky words and use the context of the sentence to predict a word.

We are committed to promote a lifelong love of reading and share stories regularly. We provide props and costumes to bring stories to life and use a range of hooks to engage children with reading.

Year 1
Every child is heard on a one to one basis each week by the Teacher or TA. When appropriate, guided reading sessions start where a group will work with the Teacher on a focus text, whilst other children are completing reading activities independently. During 'Child Initiated Learning Time' the children have opportunities to complete reading puzzles/ play reading games. 
We also have times of the day where everyone reads in class together and shares books to promote the love to reading. 
Children are encouraged to change their reading book independently when necessary.
Year 2
Children experience daily reading through Guided Reading. Children have a carousel of activities that they complete throughout the week which involve reading, writing and phonics. Each week, each child will be read with by the Teacher and with a TA when present. This will be recorded in their Reading Diaries explaining what the learning intention was for that lesson. In addition to this, children are read with by either the Teacher or TA on a one to one basis fortnightly. This will also be recorded in their reading diary with a date and signiture. Children are encouraged to change their reading book independently when necessary. 
We ensure the reading corner is accessible to all children throughout the day to promote the love of reading and all of our topics are focused around a great text to help inspire and motivate the children.