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East Preston Infant School

East Preston Infant School

Guide to Information and Schedule of Charges

Schedule of Charges

The general charge for photocopying, printing and faxing or emailing information as an attachment is 10p per sheet (black & white). Postage charges will be at the appropriate rate. For more substantial items, the fee charged depends on whether we estimate that it would cost more or less than £450.00 to provide the information.

In the vast majority of cases the cost will be under £450.00 and we will then charge only for photocopying, printing and postage. We may also charge for any work required to put the information into the required format, which could involve, for example:

  • Summarising the information
  • Putting the information onto CD, video or audio cassette
  • Translating the information into a different language

We will not normally charge for providing information in an alternative format where this is requested on grounds of disability.

*Please note: Working days refers to term time only as contained in Statutory Instrument 3364.

Click here for the Guide to Information and Schedule of Charges